Here is a series of videos on the prophecies contained in the books of Daniel and Revelation. These videos give an overview of the same material covered by this web site and also by our Revelation web site.

1. The Rise & Fall of Nations

An exploration of the end-time prophecy contained in the second chapter of the book of Daniel.

See how an ancient pagan king's dream shows us where we are in the stream of time how it reveals what is going to happen in our world in the very near future.

2. Rise of the Little Horn

Who or what is the little-horn power described in the prophecies of Daniel chapter 7, that would persecute God's faithful people? Does this power exist in the world today and if so can it be identified?

Watch as the identity of this power is revealed...

3. The Beast, the Dragon and the Woman

An examination of the hidden powers that have fought against God's people, that have sought to control and direct human activity, and which have sought to suppress the truth and keep the the whole world deceived, in readiness for the final events in the history of this world.

4. The Beast that Gave Birth to Four Men

Discover how the same power that has sought to control and direct human history and supress the truth has led the whole world to embrace the greatest deceptions of all time.

5. The United States in Prophecy

Is the United States of America described in Bible prophecy? Will the United States play a pivotal role in the final events of earth's history?

Watch as the role of the United States in the final events of this world's history is revealed...

6. Solve the Riddle

Putting together all we have learned from the previous studies. See how church and state will come together to form the long-anticipated one world government, lead by the Antichrist power, which will force the whole world to do its bidding.

Join us as we unlock God's word to Solve the Riddle...



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